The PR team has over 10 years’ experience working with designers, luxury labels and youth brands and, as with any PR’s worth their salt, with experience comes an extensive network of contacts including trade and consumer media, stylists and influencers, celebrities and industry movers.

Editorial placement integrating print, digital and broadcast avenues form the foundations of what we do.  A clear, succinct PR strategy works wonders in creating a distinct brand identity and communicating a consistent message to the end consumer.
Our strength lies in being able to synergise sales and PR strategies to ensure that the PR supports the sales process, retailers and sell through as well as brand awareness.

Understanding that product is budget, Fashion Mode Agency delivers a considered approach to celebrity product placement. There is no questioning the value of good celebrity placement for a brand, resulting in endorsement, association and additional PR opportunities. However we believe that the key is to work with celebrities that are relevant to each brand and that a two-way relationship should be developed so everyone benefits. Whether it is the celebrity themselves, agents, model bookers or stylists we have a strong, trusted network of contacts that we use and are always pro-active in developing this select group.

The Fashion Mode Agency team is also experienced in art direction and event management. We excel at producing creative, innovative and professional managed events including press days, fashion shows, collection/product launches, store launches, press/buyer meet and greets, and marketing materials including look-books, POS, brand catalogues and press materials. The Fashion Mode team handles the entire process from concept to completion in-house. We believe that it is imperative that everything especially events fulfil their “reason for being” whether it is relationship building or column inches, the end objective is always in mind.