Shoshanna Lee Jewellery

Shoshanna Lee Jewellery, founded in 2010 by Californian native Sandee Zahn is making its name in the US with a growing celebrity client base and numerous accounts at select boutiques across America, the most recent being Bloomingdales.

For the last 30 years Sandee has been exploring the inner-self, meditation and well-being. She finds inspiration from the precious stones she personally hand picks and uses them as a basis for her designs.  Beautiful in their raw, uncut forms, precious and semi-precious stones such as Sapphires, Rubies, Pearls, Onyx and Labradorites have a pure, earthly quality that radiate in their delicate detail.

The Mala collection, with roots in Hinduism and Buddhism, feature Labradorite gem stones, Pearls or Black Onyx and the necklaces all contain 108 Mala beads in each strand and can also be used to help meditation practise.   The Snake collection in honour of the Chinese Year of the Snake, feature necklaces and bracelets with gold or silver plated snake clasps tying either Sapphires, Black Onyx or Labradorites stones.

Elegant, pure and stylish, Shoshanna Lee Jewellery launches into the UK for 2013.

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