VOGUE on designers at The V&A

February 6th, 2014


The passion behind the haute couture dresses, the magic of the catwalk concepts and the stories behind the designers themselves; all these things that we had longed to know and thanks to Vogue’s “Vogue on designers” series – have begun finding out.

The “Vogue on designers” books were first launched in 2012 and after huge success, Vogue have continued to treat us to more.

Four designers, four authors and four books are released for sale at one time and FashionMode were thrilled to attend a very special Vogue event at The V&A. Hosted by none other than editor of Vogue Alexandra Shulman; the most recent of the four books were the subject of the evening and each author introduced their chosen designer –

Susan Irvine for Cristobal Balenciaga

Drusilla Beyfus for Hubert de Givenchy

Linda Watson for Vivienne Westwood

Kathleen Baird-Murry for Ralph Lauren

Each author spoke about their designer with genuine passion and commitment and it was clear to see that the books  were simply more than a job. Linda Watson (who had interned for Vivienne Westwood as a graduate) laughed and joked about Vivienne keeping her interns awake by spraying them in the face with water, Susan Irvine expressed her joy at discovering never before seen footage of Balenciaga at work behind his infamous curtain, Drusilla Beyfus (who was entirely charming) spoke of Givenchy as an old friend and Kathleen Baird-Murry’s respect for Ralph Lauren shone through with every word she spoke.

The V&A was of course the perfect location for the presentation and the whole evening felt very personal. The authors and Alexandra Shulman came together at the end and discussed the books; making you feel as if you’d stepped into Shulman’s office and were being included in a top secret Vogue meeting.

We were all encouraged to ask questions at the end and the authors and Shulman spent at least twenty minutes signing the books and chatting to the guests.

All photos courtesy of Vogue. 

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