HYMN Menswear Launch

February 10th, 2014

If you’re looking for a refreshing brand that offers great quality, great durability and an impeccable urban style; look no further than new menswear brand HYMN.

We were delighted to attend the launch of HYMN last week in the heart of London’s Soho and not far from retail store JOY – where HYMN will be stocked.

The venue for the launch was a really interesting space that introduced you first into a large show room that had immaculately lined rails showcasing both the brands Autumn/Winter collection and Spring/Summer collection. We were welcomed warmly and one of the designers came straight over and greeted us. Drinks were provided and within five minutes of being inside the relaxed atmosphere, the London rain had been forgotten and we were finding out more from the designer himself about what inspired the latest collection. The inspirations for the clothing came from looking at real men from different working backgrounds including a fisherman, an artist, a singer and a barber.

The lookbook, which was blown up and decorating the venue walls, was based on the four distinct professions (mentioned previously) and the models wearing the clothes were genuine men from each of these professions. The singer, artist and barber collaborated on the event with HYMN, which as well as being a lot of fun, also showed how genuine a brand they are and how versatile the clothing is.

Singer Sam Mason did an amazing acoustic set, whilst the barbers from Genco’s Male Grooming offered up their services for the evening and even perfected an undercut for one of the Fashion Mode girls. ¬†Food and drink was provided in the form of beer and nostalgic paper trays full of chips. The evenings laid back aura was completed by artist Tom Leamon’s exclusive work hung up in one of the connecting rooms which created a small gallery and was a great way to break up the various activities.

The launch was light hearted and charming but you could tell that a lot of effort had been tailored into it’s success and it proves that the little touches really do count.

Shop the collection online and in store now. The knitwear is our personal favourite!




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